Astro-Physic Mounts

Bonney Lake Astro Works - Milburn Wedge Manufacturer

Meade Telescopes & Accessories

Stellarvue Telescopes & Accessories

Starlight Xpress CCD Cameras

Starlight Instruments -  Manufacturer of the Feather Touch Focuser

Scope Stuff - Telescope Accessories and Hardware

Sky Shed - Plans and Kits for Roll-Off Roof Observatories
Informational / Educational / Research

Astronomy Resources

National Optical Astronomy Observatory

U.S. Naval Observatory

Astronomy for KIDS

Space Kids -  Space Science for Kids by NASA

Astronomy Web Guide

On-Line Conversion -  Convert just about anything to anything else

Spiral Galaxies

Constellations - Information on all 88 Constellations -  A site for popularization of Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics

Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

LX200 RS232 Port connections

MAPUG -  Meade Advanced Products Users Group

Solar Noon Calculator

Estimating Limiting Magnitude

Estimated Value of Magnetic Declination

NGC / IC Project - Images and Data On NGC & IC Objects

Telescope Collimation - Thierry Legault
Organizations & Clubs
Northwest Suburban Astronomers - Local Astronomy Club

The Astronomical League - The World's Largest Federation of Amateur Astronomers

Night Sky Network -  A Nationwide Coalition of Astronomy Clubs

ALPO -  Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers

AAVSO -  American Association of Variable Star Observers

The American Meteor Society

International Dark-Sky Association
Astronomy Magazine

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Star Date - Magazine from The University of Texas McDonald Observatory
Software Developers
MSB Software -  Developers of Astroart Software

Best Pair II -  A Freeware Application to help in selecting best 2 Stars for Alignment

Astrometrica -  Shareware for research Grade CCD Astrometry

Diffraction Limited - Developers of MaxIm DL

CCDware:  Software Developers for PEMPro
Equipment Manufacturers / Vendors
Amateur Astronomy
Astronomy Links
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