The 2" focuser has the ability to switch the fine focus knob from right to
left handed. The fine focus knob is the Gold knob on the lower left of the
focuser.  The only modification I'll will try in the near future is adding a
Robo motor for auto focusing.   
...And, Yes....  With it's low profile, it even fits between the forks with my
TeleVue 2" diagonal with room to spare.  

I am able to leave the focuser on when traveling with the telescope.  Only a
slight adjustment to the travel case foam was needed.
Feathertouch Focusers are all hardened stainless steel. This greatly improves the smoothness, wear
characteristics, and overall robustness of the focuser. This design will virtually not wear out.


  • Dovetail designed draw tube with floating Hardened Stainless Steel raceways
  • Hardened Stainless Steel draw tube friction plate, will not wear out like aluminum
  • Stainless Steel ball bearings matched to Stainless Steel raceways for wear resistance
  • Optional adjustable tension feature will allow lifting 5 lbs
  • Ultra smooth focusing capability in a low profile format
  • Fine focus with a 10:1 reduction making critical focus effortless
  • Friction drive resulting in a zero backlash system
  • Coarse and fine focus knobs for unrivaled accuracy and repeatability
  • Removable base for multiple use
  • Right hand and left hand interchangeable
  • All precision machined parts, using anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel
  • Travel: 0.8"
  • Minimum focus height : 1.4"
  • Focuser height: 1.6"
  • Focus repeatability: <0.0005 inches
  • Backlash: -0-
  • Fine focus reduction: Approx. 0.070 inches travel per revolution
  • Lifting capability: Adjustable up to 5 lbs
  • Weight with adapter: 20 oz
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Feather Touch Focuser
Adding a Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser to my LX200 was probably one of the best enhancements I made for
imaging. Even for visual observing it has proven itself a handy component.

When focusing, I first use the LX200 focuser for rough focus. Always ending with turning the focuser knob clockwise moving the
mirror aft. I then perform critical focus with the Feather Touch.