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First, I cut the Meade mounting bar to
a shorter length.
Secondly, I cut the end in order to
match the old bar.  I then drilled and
tapped the end in order to use the
"lock" screw.
...And here is the completed mount.  
Looks just like the old Meade
mounting plate, just shorter.
It works great. I'm able to switch
weight depending on my setup, I can
easily remove the weight when storing
or transporting the telescope, and it
mounts secure to the telescope
eliminating any possible movement
during imaging.
It also gives a little cleaner look.
On the East fork, I then drilled and
tapped two holes in order to mount
the weight system. Finally, mounted
with two stainless steel socket head
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LX200 Fork Arm Weight
This little modification will help maintain more consistent tracking in R.A.  When the LX200 is tracking at or near the meridian, the
scope will want to start rolling to the west shifting the pressure on the R.A. drive.  By placing a little weight on the East fork,  it will
prolong the scopes tendency to roll West and keep a more consistent pressure on the drive for a longer period of time.

I've seen quite a few variations on adding weight. I decided to modify a Meade counterweight system I had laying around.