I added this micro toggle switch to my LX200 keypad for satellite tracking.  The
application I use to track satellites sends movement commands to the LX200 via
RS232.   When the LX200 receives a movement command, the key pad will give a tone
when it arrives at the new location.  In order to track satellites with a continuous
motion, the software is sending continuous commands, which in turn causes the key
pad to continuously "beep".  Adding the toggle switch allows me to turn off the key pad
tone. Listening to a constant tone can be annoying.

It actually was a very simple change taking less then 30 minutes.
Satellite Tracking one of my favorite visual observing activities.  It is also one of the "really cool" things to share with the neighbors
and kids.

Even though many satellites can be seen with the unaided eye, seeing them"whiz" by star fields through the telescope is amazing.
Especially with a wide field eyepiece.
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LX200 KeyPad Tone Switch