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My earlier setup for a night of imaging. The black plastic sheeting
in the background is a light shield I made from PVC piping and a
thicker mil black plastic sheet.  
Cold Weather Operations: The LX200 Classic seems to hold up well
even under cold temperatures.  I took this picture at 3:45am after
imaging.  The temp was 17deg. F (-8 deg. C).  I have operated the
telescope in colder temps around 0 deg. F (-17 deg. C).   On the
table in the background, I use a plastic storage container turned on
it's side as a dew shield, or in this case, a frost shield.  I then place
an electric heating pad inside the container to set the computer and
LX200 Keypad on.
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Meade Lx200 10" SCT
I initially purchased the LX200 Classic in 1998 for visual observing and then began using the LX200 as my first imaging platform.  It's a
great versatile telescope.

Telescope Setup:

Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain
Clear Aperture:  254mm (10")
Focal Length: 1600mm
Focal Ratio:  f/6.3
Feather Touch Focuser
Losmandy Top Dovetail Plate and Lower Weight/Balance System
Mount: Milburn Wedge on Meade Tripod.
Dew Protection:  Astro Zap Flex Dew Shield or Meade Aluminum Dew Shield and Kendrick Dew control system.