The Mewlon Series of Dall-Kirkham Telescopes by Takahashi© combines refractor-like
performance in a larger folded-optic reflector design. The M-250 features an
electrically-movable secondary mirror for shift-free precision focusing.


* Effective aperture: 250mm
* Focal length: 3000mm/2307mm w/reducer
* Focal ratio: F/12-F/9.2 w/reducer
* Resolution: 0.46"
* Limiting magnitude: 13.8
* Light grasp: 1275x
* Image circle: ø21mm/ø42mm
* Photographic field: 1.0° w/reducer
* Total length of main tube: 850mm (33.5")
* Diameter of main tube: 280mm (11")
* OTA weight ~ 27.5 lbs.


ASTRO-PHYSICS 900GTO German Equatorial Mount with GTOCP3 Control Box on an
Advanced Telescope Systems (8" x 42") portable Pier.


* Polar and declination axes come apart quickly without tools for light-weight,
  easy handling and ease of transport
* Fine altitude and azimuth adjustments for quickly and accurately zeroing in
  on the pole in the field
* Power requirements: 12 VDC, range 11.5 to 16
*  Weight of equatorial head: 54 lbs (24.5 kg),
* Capacity Approximately 70 lbs. (31.8kg) scope and accessories (not including
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Takahashi - Mewlon 250S Dall-Kirkham
Previous Mount (SOLD)
The go-to version of the Losmandy G11 equatorial mount has the Gemini
Servo (GOTO) System factory-installed.

The Losmandy G11 Gemini equatorial mount is made of black anodized,
machined alumnium and stainless steel.

The Losmandy Gemini GoTo System uses super accurate Servo motors, and
has a GoTo database of 41,000 objects.

Losmandy G11 Gemini EQ mount weight capacity is 60 lbs.
Losmandy - G-11 Equatorial Mount with Losmandy Gemini GoTo System
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