My Complete Optic Train
Telescope            F- Ratio       Image Scale        Field of View

AT1010 - 80mm      f/3.8            7.77 arcsec/pix       73.8 X 99.1 arcmin
AT1010- 80mm       f/6.0            4.9 arcsec/pix         46.5 X 62.4 arcmin
AT1010- 80mm       f/12             2.45 arcsec/pix       23.2 X 31.2 arcmin
LX200 - 10"             f/4               2.34 arcsec/pix       22.2 X 29.8 arcmin
LX200 - 10"             f/6.3            1.47 arcsec/pix       14 X 18.8 arcmin
LX200 - 10"             f/12.6          0.74 arcsec/pix       7 X 9.4 arcmin
The MX916 camera specification:

  • CCD type: Sony ICX083AL SuperHAD CCD with ultra low dark current and vertical anti-blooming.
  • CCD pixel data: Pixel size: 11.6 x 11.2uM, image format 752 x 580 pixels (High Res. mode), or 23.2 x 22.4uM,
    image format: 376 x 290 pixels (High sensitivity mode, pixels binned 2 x 2). Software controlled.
  • CCD size: Imaging area: 8.7mm (horizontal) x 6.5mm (vertical).
  • Spectral response: Peak response at 520nM (Green), 50% at 400nM (Violet) and 670nM (Near infra-red).
    (Note the very good blue light performance, excellent for tri-colour and photometric work.)
  • Quantum efficiency: Approx. 65% peak at 520nM.
  • Readout noise: Less than15 electrons RMS.
  • Full-well capacity: Greater than 300,000 e- (binned mode).
  • Anti-blooming: Overload margin greater than 800x
  • Dark current: Dark frame saturation time greater than 100 hours. Less than 0.1 electrons/ second at +10C
  • Data format: Full 16 bits.
  • Computer interface: 8 bit unidirectional parallel port with bi-directional status lines (Standard Centronics
    interface). 25 pin 'D' style plug for LPT1, 2 or 3, via a 5 metre x 6mm diameter cable.
  • Image download time: Typically 6 seconds with a 200MHz PC and 'Fast Interface' module.
  • Power requirements: 115VAC / 240VAC @ 12VA, or 12VDC @ 900 milliamps max.
  • Cooling system: Regulated constant-current cooling supply built-in. Single-stage thermoelectric cooler to give
    a CCD temperature of approximately -30C below ambient.
  • Size: 63 x 95mm black anodised aluminium barrel with M42 thread at CCD window end and 15 way 'D' style
    input plug at rear.
  • Weight: 250g.
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MX916 CCD Imager
I bought the Starlight Xpress MX916 in the summer of 2004. I use the SXV upgrade module with the
camera which gives the faster USB 2.0 downloads and compatibility with the SXV Guide Camera.