NGC2244 & The Rosette Nebula - HaRGB
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Object:  NGC2244 & The Rosette Nebula:  A diffuse nebula located in the constellation Monoceros.  NGC2244 is the
open star cluster situated within the nebula. The estimated distance is 5.5 (kly).  NGC2244 has a visual brightness of  
4.8 (mag.)

Telelscope: Stellarvue 80mm f/6, piggybacked on LX200

Camera:  Starlight Xpress MX916, w/ SXV upgrade

Guiding:  SXV guider through LX200 10", f/4

Exposures:  Ha=14 x 5 min (70 min),  1x1 binned, RGB=4 X 5 min (20 min each)

Filters:  Schuler Ha, RGcBc

Comments:  Taken from home. Captured and processed with Astroart 3.0 Second attempt at Rosette nebula.
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