Focuser Upgrade:
    Stellarvue offers an upgrade from their base rack and pinion focuser to
    the JMI single speed DX2 Crayford focuser. This kit includes a specially
    modified focuser, aluminum extension collar and aluminum tubing
    adapter.  The JMI has a five pound lifting capacity and no play.  The
    focus movement is smooth and the focus lock works great.

    Piggybacked on the Lx200 with Losmandy Dovetail plate and Lomandy
    125mm rings.
Deluxe 2" Extension Tube
Provides an additional 2.6" of back focus. All aluminum anodized parts with
rubber grip, brass compression ring, filter thread on insert tube and beveled
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Stellarvue Refractor ( Sold )
MODEL  AT1010 80mm

  • 2" JMI NGF-DX2 Crayford focuser
  • Doublet Achromatic
  • f-ratio: 6
  • Focal length 480 mm
  • Minimum Tube Length 16.75"
  • Approx. Tube Diameter 3.5"
  • Retracting Dewshield Diameter 4 7/16"
  • Weight of Telescope without mount  6.5 Lbs