The Stellarvue SV80L features an 80 mm diameter, 600mm focal length triplet apo lens. 2"  
FeatherTouch focuser with 1.25" adapter.
* Model: Stellarvue  SV80L 80mm Triplet APO
* 2" Crayford focuser with compression rings
* 2" Dual Speed Feather Touch Focuser (the best on the market)
* Triplet Apo
* f-ratio 7.5
* Focal length 600 mm
* Minimum Tube Length 20"
* Approx. Tube Diameter 3.5"
* Dewshield Diameter 4 7/16"
* Retracting Dewshield
* Mounting Rings:  Losmandy 125mm piggybacked on 10" LX200 Classic
* Weight of Telescope without mount or tripod 8.5 Lbs
* Color Correction is Excellent
* Performance on Moon and Planets is Excellent
2" Dual Speed Feather Touch Focuser
Deluxe 2" Extension Tube
Provides an additional 2.6" of back focus. All aluminum anodized
parts with rubber grip, brass compression ring, filter thread on
insert tube and beveled insert.
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Stellarvue SV80L Refractor
I upgraded my Stellarvue AT1010 to the Stellarvue SV80L APO in the summer of 2005.  Below
is a picture of the scope piggybacked on my 10" LX200 ready for imaging.