SXV Guider
SXV Guider - Aft End
The guide camera uses a 4.9 x 3.7mm CCD (1/3" format) and will slide into a 1.25" focusing
assembly. It may also be used with a 'CS' mount camera lens. The weight is less than 100
grams. I added the "C" to 1.25" extension nose piece to give additional back focus required
for a parfocal eyepeice.  Now I am able to have the SXV Guider parfocal with an eyepiece,
which in turn is parfocal with the MX916.
USB 2.0 Interface Module
I added the SXV  USB 2.0 upgrade. The USB 2.0 interface module is designed to give
parallel port cameras the ability to use the SXV guide camera and benefit from the faster
download speeds of USB 2.0.
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Starlight Xpress SXV Guider
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