Basic Design:
    It's a simple design constructed mostly of 1/4" plywood.  The
    internal battery has an access panel if replacement is required.  
    The base is approximately 9" x 9" and stands 11.75" tall.
Front Panel:  

  • Three 12 volt sockets, each individually fused.
  • A master power switch.
  • A digital volt meter with push/on button to monitor voltage during the night.
Side Panel:  

  • I included a set of terminals on the side for direct connection
    via clips, if needed, and to charge the battery.
40 amp Battery:  

    For additional power, I also use a 40 & 100 amp SLA batteries.  
    As seen in the picture, I placed the 40 amp in small cooler.  It
    actually works well and has a handle to carry.  I will eventually
    build another box similar to the one above.  
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Field Battery Power
Below is a 12 volt battery box I built.  This box contains a 17 amp hour, 12v SLA battery. The box was built rugged to handle the
abuse of being knocked around in the field.  I use it for the lower power items, or if I'm planning a local trip for some visual observing.